Thursday, June 24, 2010

USNA AUV Team 2010

USNA is getting ready for the 2010 AUVSI.  We've got only 4 team members this year and our project adviser is still CAPT Jack. Team Captain is 2ndLT Joseph Jennett, with 2ndLT Kevin Fleischer working with the cameras.  ENS Harry Davis and MIDN 1/C Paul Schouppner are working on the programs.  So far this year we have changed out the DVL, redesigned the power supply, rewritten the code, and created some new circuit boards that replace two old circuit boards.  We also had to fix the tail of the frame that held the aft thruster on after it broke earlier this year.
Starting next week, for the first time this summer, the entire team will be here working on the vehicle at the same time.  We've all got different schedules and other things we have to do, but for the next couple of week everything will be about winning the 2010 AUVSI....

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