Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great Finish to a Bad Week

Last Friday we managed to fry all four of our thrusters and we have no idea how it happened.  We came in Friday morning after I-Day for the class of 2014, we planed to take the vehicle to the pool that morning so we tried to conduct a brief test in the lab before heading to the pool.  Upon discovering that some of the thrusters where not working properly, so we began trouble shooting.  In the process of trouble shooting we managed to create a large spark.  We have no idea how it happened but for the rest of Friday and all of Tuesday we tried to find what caused the problem.  By the end of the day we found that we had damaged the D2A board and after replacing that everything work fine.  We have had to replace all of the thrusters, find a leak, and fix the leak. Today we have managed to tweak our heading control and conduct waypoint driving all without our camera box because it is currently in the machine shop or our vertical thrusters (we only had 3 spare thrusters).
Tomorrow we start packing in order to have the vehicle and everything we need in San Diego when we show up so we can hit the ground running in San Diego.

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